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·       What is the difference between the basic rental payment and the final payment?
o   The basic rental payment is due 14 days after your initial reservation. This reserves the venue and date.
o   The final payment is due 30 days before your event and includes any additional items such as extra time or lighting options.
·       Is my deposit applied to the rental fee?
o   The deposit is not applied towards the rental fee and is only refundable AFTER the event occurs. The refund amount is dependent upon any: overtime, damage fees, etc. incurred from your event. *The security deposit is non-refundable if you decide to change your date or cancel your event.
·       When do I get my security deposit back?
o   The Security Deposit will be fully refunded by check (to the client), within 30 days following the event if no additional charges were incurred (damages, overtime, etc.)
·       What if I want to cancel my event or change my event date?
o   A change of date is considered a cancellation. We will do our best to reschedule your event; however, if we are unable to rebook it you are still responsible for all fees. Any payments made up to a change of date or event cancellation are non-refundable.
·       What address should I mail checks or contracts to?
o   You can scan & email documents to the Director of Rentals.
o   Checks can be dropped off in person or mailed to the address below…
§  Please send all mail to : 501 Norris Center Drive, Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274, ATTN: Director of Rentals
·       What if I want to bring in rentals (chairs, dance floor, lounge furniture)?
o   You are welcome to bring in rental items. However, please check with the rental company regarding time for set-up and break down. They will need to deliver and pick up the items ONLY within your rental time block. You may need to purchase additional rental hours to allow the rental company enough time for drop off and pick up.
·       Do I have to use one of your Preferred Vendors (not to be confused with Preferred Caterers)?
o   You are not required to use our Preferred Vendors. However, we recommend using them as they are familiar with the venue and our staff.
§  **It is still the responsibility of the client or client’s planner to make sure all vendors (regardless of whether or not they are on our preferred list) arrive & depart the venue on time to avoid overtime fees.
 ·       What time are my vendors allowed into the building?
o   Your vendors are allowed into the building at the beginning of your selected time block, no earlier. The Pavilion Event Supervisor is usually on site 30 minutes prior to the start of the rental time-block to ensure the room is set-up according to the diagram created for your event. There is no guarantee that the Pavilion Event Supervisor will have the venue open for your vendors prior to the time-block purchased.
·       What are the rules concerning overtime?
o   Overtime charges begin immediately after the agreed upon rental time block ends, and overtime fees are not prorated.  Your vendors need to be out of the building and completely off of the Norris Pavilion property by the end of the selected time block. This means that they need to not only be out of the Pavilion, but also out of the parking area. If they are loading up in front of the Pavilion after your block, you will be charged an overtime fee. The Event Supervisor is not allowed to leave until all vendors are gone in case there is an emergency or any damage to the parking area.
§  You will need to consider this when planning your timeline as vendors typically need at least an hour to clean up and exit the property. They will need more time if you have rented chairs, dance floor, lounge set-up, etc. It is your responsibility, or the responsibility of your event planner, to find out how much time your vendors need to load up and leave or you will be charged overtime if they stay later than the time block booked.
§  Please discuss your time block with your vendors and make sure they have enough time to load out at the end of the night. You can also purchase additional hours prior to your event.
·       What time do my vendors have to be out of the building?
o   Your vendors need to be out of the building and off of the Norris property by the end of the selected time block. You will need to consider this when planning your timeline as vendors typically need at least an hour to clean up and exit the property. They will need more time if you have rented chairs, dance floor, lounge set-up, etc. It is your responsibility to find out how much time your vendors need to load up and leave or you will be charged overtime if they stay later than the time block.
·       What happens if my vendors stay past the time block?
o   You will be charged an overtime fee of $350 an hour. Please discuss your time block with your vendors and make sure they have enough time to load out at the end of the night. You can purchase additional hours for $250 an hour prior to your event.
·       Can I drop off items prior to the rental bock?
o   All items need to be delivered during your time block and removed at the end of the block for liability reasons. *We do not allow for drop offs the night before, or pick-ups the day after.
·       If I don’t use your chairs or tables can I get a discount?
o   The basic rental fee is a flat rate regardless of which items you choose to use.
·       Do you provide linens and napkins?
o   We do not provide linens or napkins. You can rent them through your caterer or a rental company.
·       Do you provide Chiavari chairs?
o   We do not provide Chiavari chairs. You can rent them through your caterer, one of our preferred vendors or your own choice of rental company.
·       Tips for a smooth break down post event
o   Make sure you have someone designated to pack up any items such as gifts, decorations, alcohol, etc. and have transportation for them.
o   Encourage your guests to leave once the music is off so that the catering company and any other vendors can start breaking down and moving out.
·       I am using a valet service for my event, what do I need to provide to you? If you are choosing to have a valet service for your event, we request that you let us know 60 days prior to your event to ensure we complete the correct paperwork to all parties and vendors involved.  Notices made after this time risk not getting approved by the owners of the parking structure.
·       How many people can the Harlyne J. Norris Pavilion accommodate?
o   Depending on the set up, the Forum can accommodate 230 guests at 23 tables, with a head table, dance floor, DJ set up, and cake table. We can also set up overflow seating and buffet space in the dance studio.  Our outdoor Terrace space can accommodate up to 180 for a Wedding Ceremony.
·       What kind of tables do you provide?
66" Round Dining Table 37
8' x 30” Rectangle 11
6' x 30” Rectangle 16
4' x 30” Rectangle 6
30" Round Cocktail tables (54” high) 4
36" Round Cocktail tables (54” high) 8
24" Short bistro (36” high) 4
·       Am I allowed to have candles or open flames for my event?
o   You are not allowed to have any open flame without having a fire permit. You will need to follow the guidelines from the Fire Department and provide us a copy of your approved fire permit. *Please contact the Director of Rentals for fire permit requirements.
·       What are the restrictions for decorations?
o   Generally, any decorations need to be free standing and can’t be taped, nailed, hooked, tacked or screwed into any surface. If there is any damage, the client will be held financially responsible for repair. This payment will be taken out of your security deposit.
§  Flammable devices or substances, including but not limited to:

·       BUBBLES

o   Fabrics used to decorate must be fire retardant.

·       RICE
·       GLITTER
·       CONFETTI
·       SEQUINS
·       HAY BALES

o   Balloons may be used if tied or weighted securely. If retrieval is required, charges may apply.
§  You/your vendors are responsible to clean up any decorations or props at the end of the rental block. If the area is not cleaned up, there will be a cleaning fee.
§  For example, if you have a photo booth with boas or glittery props it is the responsibility of that vendor to clean up their area and leave the facility in the same condition as when they entered.
§  The client is responsible to communicate these restrictions to all vendors.
·       I’m having my Wedding Ceremony at the Harlyne J. Norris Pavilion, what size runner should I purchase?
o   It’s approximately 80’ from the Dick Moe Foyer to the opposite end of the Terrace and typically the width of the aisle is 4’.
·       Do you recommend I get an Event/Wedding Coordinator?
o   YES! We strongly encourage hiring an event coordinator to make sure your event runs smoothly and to assist with planning. The Pavilion Event Supervisor does not: carry out your personal timeline for the day, or help set any décor/personalized items for your event. They are more than happy to assist your coordinator with anything involving the venue directly. 
·       What does a Wedding Planner or Event Coordinator do?
o   They work directly for you and will create a detailed timeline including transportation, hair and makeup schedules, first dances, cutting the cake, etc. Your personal event coordinator will know everything about your wedding day from the names of everyone in your wedding party to your complete day-of timeline. Your personal event coordinator will run your rehearsal, assist with entrances and timing at your ceremony and travels with you from your ceremony to your reception. They also act as the liaison between you and your vendors (Pavilion Event Supervisor included) leading up to and on the day of your wedding in order to keep all parties on the same page. Personal event coordinators assist with setting out place cards, favors, signs, guests books, etc. and can also collect those items at the end of the night.  Essentially, your Wedding Coordinator’s goal is to make sure you are enjoying every moment of your wedding without worrying if the right people are in the right place or what portion of your night is next. Look to your coordinator to guide you through your day, because he or she will be there until the moment you make your grand exit.
·       What does the Pavilion Event Supervisor do?
o   We provide a Pavilion Event Supervisor on the day of your event. The Pavilion Event Supervisor provided on the day of will answer venue related questions (where is load in, power sources, light switches & A/C, etc.); but does not set up your personal items or run the order of events. The Pavilion Event Supervisor is here to open and lock the building, assist with any building issues, confirm that your set up matches your diagram, assist vendors with questions regarding load in and set up, and manage the security team. The Pavilion Event Supervisor’s priority is the building and ensuring that the Pavilion looks great and your event runs smoothly. The Pavilion Event Supervisor is not a personal Event Coordinator and we recommend you hire someone for more detailed event planning and execution!
·       What does the Director of Rentals do?
o   Our Director of Rentals will assist with planning items related to the venue. This will include: creating your contract, receiving payments, creating a diagram, creating a very basic timeline, and receiving a list of your vendors.
·       Is there security available?
o   Yes and the PVPA requires security for any event that is serving alcohol. PVPA will hire the security and the client will incur the cost as specified herein. The client is not allowed to bring in their own security company. The cost for security depends on the number of guests. As a minimum, two security guards will be required at a cost of $275. If the event has over 150 guests, three security guards will be required at a cost of $400. If the event has over 200 guests, four security guards will be required at a cost of $525. The client will incur the cost for security and payment is due 30 days prior to the event. The payment cannot be taken out of the final deposit.
·       What do the security officers do?
o   They are here to assist with any security needs and monitor guest behavior and the premises.  Specific security needs can be made, with requests made to either the Director of Rentals or Pavilion Event Supervisor.
·       Are you available for meetings on the weekend?
o   We are only available for meetings Monday – Friday. We have events here on the weekend and otherwise are closed.
·       Why should I use a caterer from of the preferred list?
o   Our preferred caterers are very familiar with the venue and our staff. We have caterers for every budget and type of cuisine. We strongly recommend hiring one of our preferred caterers!
·       What are the next steps if I want to use a non-preferred caterer?
o   You will need to submit a request to the Director of Rentals with your proposed caterer. The caterer needs to be a full service company, with appropriate insurance, and agree to follow the Pavilion’s catering guidelines. The caterer is responsible to be at the Pavilion throughout your entire event block and is responsible for cleaning up at the end of the night. They cannot be a drop off service. Please inquire for more details if you have questions.
o   If you receive approval, you will need to schedule a tour and site visit with the caterer and Pavilion event staff prior to your event date. You will also need to provide the caterer with the Pavilion catering checklist. You will also need to sign a revised contract and submit the $1,500 non-preferred caterer fee.
o   The caterer must provide a copy of their liability insurance listing the Pavilion as additionally insured for the day of your event. It is your responsibility to get this document submitted. For the liability insurance it needs to list in the certificate holder portion:
Norris Center for the Performing Arts dba Palos Verdes Performing Arts
Harlyne J. Norris Pavilion
501 Indian Peak Road
Rolling Hills Estates, CA  90274
·       Can I bring my own wine, liquor, champagne or beer and is there a corkage fee?
o   There is no corkage fee!  You can bring any type of liquor, wine, champagne or beer that you and your guest would like.  This can also be customized and handled through your caterer.  Your caterer (preferred or non-preferred) should have liquor insurance, if not, you will need to purchase liquor insurance for the day. *Please contact the Director of Rentals for any questions regarding liquor insurance requirements.
·       What license do I need to serve alcohol?
o   A license is usually acquired by an entity (company, caterer, renter etc). The person serving the alcohol is covered by the insurance and license of the license holder.
·       What do I need to do if I am having a hosted bar?
o   If it is a hosted bar and you are giving the beverages away, then anyone can purchase the alcohol from any location. You can bring the alcohol to the venue and the caterer/bartender needs to be responsible for the alcohol service throughout the event.
o   We highly recommend recruiting extra help to transport your liquor to and from the venue before and after the event.
·       What do I need to do if I am having a cash bar?
o   If it is a non-hosted bar and you are charging for beverages, then the alcohol must come through a distributor and be brought in by the caterer. No one can sell alcohol without a license. The license holder is responsible for the purchase and transfer of the alcohol. This means the renter or caterer is responsible. The caterer/bartender needs to be responsible for the alcohol service throughout the event.
o   A copy of the liquor license must be submitted to the Director of Rentals no later than 30-days prior to the event date so that the pavilion can surrender its’ liquor license for your event date.
·       If I don’t use my rehearsal time can I apply that hour to my event block?
o   Your ceremony rehearsal time is strictly to be used for the rehearsal. It cannot be applied to the event date or time block.
·       Does the Director of Rentals or Pavilion Event Supervisor run my rehearsal?
o   The Pavilion Event Staff is available during your rehearsal time for any questions related to the venue. It is the responsibility of your independent Wedding Coordinator or designated individual to conduct your Wedding Rehearsal and/or Ceremony.
·       Can I decorate during my rehearsal or drop off items?
o   The rehearsal time is strictly for the ceremony rehearsal. You cannot drop off any items or begin decorating during this time.
·       Tips for a smooth guest arrival for a ceremony
o   Enlist the help of family or friends to greet guests at the Pavilion lobby doors and direct them to the ceremony site. You can also have someone standing outside of the Dick Moe Foyer and greeting guests as well.
o   Bring balloons or a sign (we provide easels) to direct guests to the ceremony location.
o   Enlist someone to help direct guests to the parking structure. We do provide a small sign directing them across the street; however, it is helpful to have someone assist with this.
·       What address should I put on my invites?
o   501 Indian Peak Road, Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274.
·       Do you have signage or other aids to direct guests to my event?
o   We have a small sign that direct guests to the parking structure and the event entrance.
·       Is there parking on site?
o   Yes! There is a small parking court (which can be reserved based upon your needs) and ample parking in the structure located just across the street behind the Norris Theatre.
·       Is your venue handicap accessible?
o   Our venue is handicap accessible and there are four handicap parking spots (we can reserve more if necessary).
·       What is your weather contingency plan?
o   If the weather is being uncooperative on your event day, you can contact your caterer for set up options in our Dick Moe Foyer and Dance Studio. Additionally, you can contact a rental company to tent off the terrace.
·       Are my guests allowed to smoke?
o   Ashtrays are located outside the facility front entrance and rear terrace areas for the convenience of your guests. The Norris Pavilion is a non-smoking facility.
·       Do you have WiFi available at the venue?
o   Unfortunately, we do not have WiFi set-up. We recommend you set up hot spots through devices with unlimited data if you require internet.