PVPA Professional Auditions


Thank you for inquiring about PVPA Professional Auditions! 

The 2019-2020 Produced shows are:

Evita in Concert - Sep 27-29
The Who's Tommy in Concert - Jan 24-26
West Side Story - Apr 24-May 3


Palos Verdes Performing Arts is pleased to announce auditions for WEST SIDE STORY.
Director: Larry Raben   Choreographer: Hector Guerrero   Music Director: Sean Bart

Maria: Female, character age 16-18, Latinx, A hopeless romantic and innocent young girl that is excited and enthusiastic about her new life in America, but with stubborn inner strength. She falls in love with Tony and finds herself at the center of the violent conflict between the two gangs. Vocal Range: Bb3-C6 

Tony: Male, character age 18-20, Caucasian, A romantic, sincere, and genuine young man and former leader of the Jets, who has found a new lifestyle. Tony finds himself violently torn between his old friendships and new love. Vocal Range: Bb2-Bb4 

Riff: Male, character age 18-20, Caucasian, A spritely, charismatic, intelligent, and quick-tempered leader of the Jets. He seeks to destroy the Sharks to establish his own gang’s dominance. Tony's best friend who is eventually murdered by Bernardo. Strong dance ability. Vocal Range: Bb2-G4 

Bernardo: Male, character age 18-25, Latinx, A proud, strong, man who seeks to carve out territory as a sense of identity for him and his friends. Fluid leader of the Sharks, with a sardonic chip on his shoulder. Vocal Range: Bb2-Eb4 

Anita: Female, character age 18-25, Latinx, Feisty and assertive. She dispenses "older sister" advice to Maria and tries to shield her from the dangers of the gangs. She is flashy, sharp-tongued, and with a knowing sense of herself. Strong dance background. Vocal Range: F3-D5 

Anybodys: Female, character age 16-20, Caucasian, A spunky tomboy who is desperate to become a member of the Jets. The other Jets mock her for her ambitions, but generally appreciate her company. Full of energy and heart. 

Chino: Male, character age 18-20, Latinx, An angry and, at times, naive Shark who turns murderous and vengeful. Suitor to Maria and friend of Bernardo's. 

Doc: Male, character age 50-60, Caucasian, The owner of the candy store where the Jets hang out. He tries to guide the Jets youthful angst and provides a safe haven for Tony. Old fashioned and wise in his ways. 

Officer Krupke: Male, character age 30-50, Caucasian, The local beat cop. He has no patience for the gangs conflict and tries to keep tensions from erupting between them. Regularly mocked by the local gangs. 

Schrank/Glad Hand, Character age 40-60, A blunt, brash, racist, and unapologetic local police detective frustrated by the ongoing violence between the Jets and Sharks. Speaking Role. 

ENSEMBLE Males and Females to play age 18-25, Strong dancers and singers to play the Jets and the Sharks.

Everyone cast in the show MUST be at least 18 years of age by 3/30/2020

Auditions will be held: Thursday, January 9 and Friday, January 10, 2020 from 12-5pm. BY APPOINTMENT ONLY!

Rehearsals begin: Monday, March 30, 2020 for non-Equity at the Norris Theatre and performances run weekends April 24 – May 3, 2020.

Please prepare 32 Bars of an up-tempo song, in the style of the show, that shows off your range. Please have an alternate selection ready if needed.

Three Equity Guest Artist (Tier 3 contracts) are available. There is pay for all roles.

Auditions will be held at the Norris Pavilion: 501 Indian Peak Road, Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274                                                                                                                               
The Norris Pavilion Building is next to the fire station. Parking is across the street in mall parking structure. It is FREE. 
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